The Author and the Art of Blogging

This intense and suspenseful read, written by King Hurly and Mark Graham Communications will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover-to-cover.

This intense and suspenseful read, written by King Hurley and Mark Graham Communications will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover-to-cover.

Whether you love social media or not, make no mistake that it serves a purpose.  Whether you have written a novel, biography, self-help book, or business book, blogging is vital on many levels.  When it comes to your book, it is all about exposure, and that is the essential purpose of blogging: to get you and your book noticed.  Blogging is your way of speaking to the search engines that are the Big Brother of the Internet. Blogging is like a conference that draws interested party-goers to your party. Blogging is marketing, and ever author ever born has to market.

The book you have written surely came from a place of passion. Passion for your story, your character, your self-help message, your inspiration. Yet the book you have written is also the basis for a business: the book is your product; you, as the author, are an extension of that product; you, therefore, are the promoter.  Blogging is one of your promotional vehicles.

Regardless of what anyone says, you are an expert.  You are an expert in the nuts and bolts of your book. Blogging is one way you can let the world know of your expertise. Don’t waste the opportunity.  Blogging allows your readers to get to know you as much as it allows them to know your book.  Blogging allows you to open up your world to your reader while at the same time boosting that ever important website tool: search engine optimization.  The more blog posts you have out there and the more often you work your important keywords into your writing, the more visitors you’ll have and the longer they will stay on your site.

Here is some advice.  If you are going to blog, take the time to know what people are searching for and work some of those elements into your blogging.  Know your keyword phrases and don’t be afraid to work them into your post.  If you’re a ghostwriter, let your reader know this.  If you offer publishing assistance, let the reader know. If you create author websites, say so.  Whatever the thrust of your message, work it into your blog post and don’t be shy about it.  Just do it creatively.  You’re a writer; this should be easy for you.