Business Book / Self-Help Books

Hiring a ghost writer or editor for your Business Book, Self-Help Book, or  Books of Inspiration is an important decision. Finding the right ghostwriter or editor can mean the difference between a successful book and an average one. Our goal is to understand and communicate your vision and your message in concise, creative, and illuminating ways.

Our professional writing services produce BUSINESS BOOKS focusing on leadership, sales and marketing, motivation, and strategic concepts for a wide variety of corporate clients and independent business people seeking to market their proprietary ideas.

We create SELF-HELP BOOKS and HOW-TO BOOKS on subjects ranging from health and romance to lifestyle and finances meant to present your products and services in the most positive light.

Looking for a writer to help pen your ADVICE BOOK? We make certain your message has the flare factor it needs to separate you from the competition.

Creating an EDUCATIONAL BOOK? We start by determining your audience and then create a tone and style to fit the information you are conveying.

If you have questions about the writing or editing process, please let us know  and we can arrange an introductory call today.