Book Design / Publishing Assistance

At Mark Graham Communications, we understand that your print book and your e-book deserve the most professional publishing assistance and book design available.

Whether you’re writing a novel, biography, business book, or self-help book, we offer a full line of publishing services and personalized customer relations that put you and your manuscript in the best position to succeed.

COPYEDITING. All manuscripts require the practiced eye of a professional copyeditor before print book and e-book formatting. We have the best copyediting team in the industry.

BOOK COVER DESIGN. Your print book and your e-book require a cover that represents your story in the most powerful fashion. We have professional designers to assist you in this most important decision.

BOOK FORMATTING and INTERIOR LAYOUT. The interior layout and design of your print book and e-book cannot be overlooked. We customize the interior of your book with an eye on the genre, the audience, and you the author.

UPLOADING. We take care to upload your print book and e-book so that it fits the programming needs of each online platform and represents your book in the most professional fashion.

MARKETING OPPORTUNITIES. We offer marketing vehicles that help promote the visibility of your print book and e-book, including Social Media, Author Forums, Book Bloggers, Press Releases, and more.

We look forward to discussing these various services with you and helping you with your independent publishing needs.