Ghost Writing / Editing Services

Whether you are writing a novel or screenplay, hiring a biographer for your memoir or biography, or planning a business book or self-help book, our professional writing and editing services are backed by more than 120 combined years of experience. Our team of writers and editors have been successfully collaborating with individuals across three continents since 1989. We have written and edited more than 500 books. Our goal for your project is a book that is professional, creative, and commercially viable.

NOVELS. From genres as diverse as mystery, intrigue, romance, comedy, or mainstream, we understand the process necessary to create a powerful storyline, memorable characters, and an unforgettable reading experience.

BIOGRAPHIES and MEMOIRS. We have aided people of all ages in the creation and development of their personal biography or memoir.  We understand how important it is to “show” your story rather than simply “tell” it.

BUSINESS BOOKS and SELF-HELP BOOKS. We recognize how important a trusting, personal relationship between you and our team is in conveying your message in a readable, entertaining way.

SCREENWRITING. If your goal is writing a feature film screenplay, we understand the need to follow industry guidelines while creating a script that stands out from the crowd.