Biographies / Memoirs

God in My Closet - Sonya Black

If you are looking for a ghostwriter with critically acclaimed credentials to assist in bringing your story to life, Mark Graham Communications team of writers and editors has 120 combined years of experience. We have collaborated on more than 175 biographies and memoirs. While we define the timeline of biographies and memoirs differently, our goal is always to embrace the details of your story while showing the color, texture, and emotional components that our unique to your life.

BIOGRAPHIES. A biography or autobiography focuses on the chronology of the writer’s entire life. It is a collection of stories that define who you are as a person and how the events, people, and places you have encountered influenced your personal journey.

MEMOIRS. A memoir takes events from a certain stage of your life. It might be a series of events memorializing a month, a year, or ten years, but the focus is on one specific aspect, situation, or state of affairs.

Whether you are creating a legacy work for family and friends or targeting a large and diverse audience, we understand how important it is to “show” your story rather than simply “tell” it.  We believe that the key to writing a special biography or memoir is to transport your reader into the very scenes from your life and allow them to experience them as fully as possible.