FAQ – Ghostwriting

What is a Ghostwriter?

A Ghostwriter is a professional writer who takes your idea or story and brings it to life in a well-written book.

What kind of books do ghostwriters collaborate on?

We write and edit all types of books. From novels and screenplays to biographies and memoirs, from business books and self-help books to books of inspiration and health books, and from educational books to spiritual books.

How does the ghostwriting process work?

First, we share a confidentiality agreement protecting the privacy of your idea and/or content. Then you share your idea with us. Then we gather all the information that we need about your idea. You may have some written material you would like us read or some research would like us to do.  Very likely we will want to schedule interviews so that you can share the details of your idea or story.

How do the interviews work?

For thirty years we’ve been interviewing face-to-face in our location or yours. We usually schedule two days back to back, though this varies. Over the last several years clients have asked to conduct interviews via video conference. Since that’s become so cost-effective and easy, we often conduct a series of interviews over several weeks to build an information base for your book. The key is that we will do whichever option works best for you.

After you’ve conducted your interviews and gathered all the information you need, what happens?

Then we create a detailed outline of your book. Once we are happy with the outline, we begin writing the first draft of your book. Once the first draft is done, we make a second pass to make sure we have the best written book possible.

What is the most important part of the writing process?

The most important part of the process is making sure we have a voice, tone, and style that fits you, your book, and your message. This is so critical.

How long does the actual writing take?

Shorter books, like self-help books or business books take 3-5 months.  Longer books, like biographies and novels, take 5-7 months.

Once the book is done, then what?  Do you help with the publishing and marketing?

We do. We can help design your book cover, layout the interior of your book for printing and uploading as an ebook, and help with online marketing and social media content to help promote your book.

Once the book is done, who owns the rights?

You own all the rights to your book. The copyright is always in your name. Never let anyone tell you differently.