Procrastination is Not the Enemy

Wow Moments

This engaging how-to business book on customer interaction is a collaboration between Mark Kent and Mark Graham Communications

Most of us procrastinate.  Writers can be terrible procrastinators.  People who have a good book in them, but aren’t writers also procrastinate.  Have a great story to tell or a wonderful message to share about life, business, cooking, or canoeing but don’t believe in their skills to bring that story or that message to life, often blame procrastination instead of seeing the reality of creative process.

The creative process is very often a team effort.  Even for best selling authors, the creative process is a team effort. You would be amazed how many people work with very talented ghostwriters these days.

Let’s be honest, there are so many things distracting us in this day and age, that bringing good people into your world to help with your business or your fitness or your house chores is more and more commonplace. Writing a book is no different. If we could only get the job done while sitting in a lounge chair drinking an espresso and reading the sports page.

Writing a book takes discipline. No one denies that. But part of that discipline is finding a team to keep the ball rolling. Who do you trust enough to share your idea with, whether it’s the plot to a suspense novel or advice for lovers.  You talk out your ideas. You pare them down. You make changes.

If you need help with your outline, you find someone who knows the business. A teacher perhaps.  A friend who blogs every day.  A ghostwriter with the kind of credentials that inspire trust.  Do your research.  Talk to people. Who do you feel comfortable with?  Who comes across as knowing their business and giving a damn about your project. Who seems to be tapping into your passion?

There is no reason not to get your book written, and it doesn’t necessarily taking hiding away in an old cabin up in the mountains with nothing to distract you.