Writing From the Heart

Fallen Medicine: A Nurse's Dark Journey Through Ptsd, Drug Abuse and Sexual Addiction

This fascinating story of a nurse suffering from PTSD was a collaboration between D. F. Thompson and Mark Graham Communications.

Not all writing comes from the heart.  A lot of what people write is mechanical. A lot of what people write has an agenda attached to it. We write to sell a product, to deliver a message, to entertain.  Some of it is good and some is unreadable.

The best writing comes from the heart. It taps emotional content that the writer wants to communicate, but might find very hard to do. The most important source of beautiful, meaningful writing comes from the places most vulnerable: the heart and soul.

Stories like these can be extremely personal. Biographies and memoirs expose our most vulnerable sides.  Truth is, as the saying goes, far more compelling than fiction. Seeing inside of a person is not only revealing, but exposing.

Not everyone can go there. No everyone can tap into their hearts and express what is there on paper. It can be very difficult, yet it is a journey so many of us want to embark upon. Ironically, some of the best biographical material is written with the help of another person: the professional ghostwriter. It takes an enormous amount of trust, but that is one of the most important things a great ghost writer can offer: trust, confidence, and the faith in knowing that your moments of heart are sacred and respected.

You’re passionate about the secrets you carry in your heart, the words that come from your soul, and the stories that only you have lived, and the best ghostwriters tap into that passion. It is that personal connection that makes for the best storytelling and the most beautifully expressed messages.

You don’t want another person to change your carefully chosen words but rather express them in the most meaningful way. That’s what makes a good relationship. With the right ghostwriter as your partner, you can rest assured that the meaning behind your words will stay intact. In fact, a great ghostwriter can and will help you deliver that message as if they were written from the heart!

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