Why hire a ghostwriter?

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Hiring a ghostwriter is a good idea for anyone who has a valuable, interesting story to tell – and not only because you may not have writing skill or the necessary time to accomplish your goal.

Here are several reasons why hiring a ghostwriter might be the ideal solution for you if you’ve thought about writing a novel, biography, business book, self-help book, or screenplay and don’t quite know where to start:

1. A ghostwriter has publishing experience
You might be a fine writer, but if you’re trying to get a piece published and have no publishing experience, a ghostwriter can help you tailor your work to make it more attractive to a publisher.

2. A ghostwriter can help you make more time for other things
Let’s say you’ve got a great idea for a self-help book, but other commitments have a lock on the majority of your time. A ghostwriter can help you meet your obligations and get your book done by freeing you from the many time-consuming aspects that all successful writing projects require.

3. A ghostwriter can motivate you
Are you a procrastinator? Do you have trouble getting started? By partnering with the right ghostwriter, you can gain the support and encouragement you need to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling on your project.

4. A ghostwriter can be an effective sounding board for your ideas
The right outside support can supply some much-needed objectivity if you suspect you might be too close to your subject and lack some perspective. A ghostwriter can help you see the strengths and weaknesses in your ideas and help keep your project on track if it starts to veer too far from the original concept.

5. A ghostwriter can add polish and professionalism
You might be a subject matter expert and even a terrific writer of reports and other corporate communications, but suffer from lack of experience when it comes to the more creative aspects of writing. A ghostwriter can add some much need zip and polish to your piece and enhance those areas in need of more color, pace, and character.

If someone’s told you “you should write a book” — and perhaps you’ve considered it, or even started and stopped a couple of times — hiring a ghostwriter might be just the thing you need to jumpstart your project and get your ideas published.

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