The power is in the story

The Circle of Na'mow

Inspired by real life events, this fascinating story is a collaboration between Gretchen Wiegand, Anna McDermott and Mark Graham Communications.

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…”

“Once upon a time…”

Who has not been captivated by a good story? Who has not found themselves invested in the outcome of a great character?  A powerful narrative has a way of capturing the attention and imagination of audiences in a way no other device can. There is excitement, drama, tension, and knowledge in stories. Of course, not all stories are meant solely to entertain. Some are written to sway opinion, create support, impart information, and produce understanding..

Storytelling stories is also an effective way to impart ideas and information. Storytelling allows us to share individual experiences while exploring old and new ideas. In fact, storytelling is ideal for turning dull, uninteresting ideas into compelling, captivating narratives. It is the easiest and most effective form of persuasion there is. Marketers use storytelling to connect with audiences and communicate a message in ways that elicit empathy and persuade people to take some kind of action. The power is in the story.

Everyone has a story to tell.
It’s been said that every person has a story. As humans, we are attracted to stories — our thought processes are designed to understand and retain information better through stories, which is why so much information has been handed down over generations through stories. Why virtually every race and religion has a rich heritage of storytelling. The power is in the story.

Consider for a moment the many stories you could tell. Does your family have an interesting history, one worthy of a biography or memoir?  Are you a business person with a story to tell about your profession, your abilities, your company, or that invention you’ve been working on in your garage? Are you a teacher or member of the clergy with stories that resonate beyond the classroom and pulpit?

Not a writer, you say? Not a problem. There are ghost writers, editors, and publishers who can help you shape and craft your story for a wide range of topics and audiences – from fiction, to personal stories, to business theory, and more. As we say: The power is in the story. What’s yours?

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