The Power of e-Publishing

The Gnome Tree

This e-published book, a fantasy novel for the teen and young adult readers, is a collaboration between James Ross and Mark Graham Communications.

It would be hard to overestimate how the Internet and the digital revolution have affected the world of publishing. In the past, the publishing industry held tight control over who and what got published and promoted. Many would-be authors never got the chance to present their stories or information to readers because traditional brick-and-mortar publishers decided they weren’t worth the gamble of committing costly conventional printing resources for something the publisher thought wouldn’t sell well enough to recoup expenses and turn a profit.

Enter digital technology and the ability to publish an endless variety of stories, articles, books, and magazines for pennies, regardless of the size or location of the audience. Electronic publishing – also known as e-publishing – turned the publishing world on its ear and put authors in control of what got published, when, and where. Everyday, paperless publishing gains ground as a commonly-accepted form of publishing. The books can be read on any number of electronic devices, from Kindles and computers to smartphones and tablets.  They are also easily converted into traditional printed form.

e-Publishing: Power to the People

Many authors get started by self-publishing. Traditionally, this was an expensive practice limited to writers with deep pockets who could afford to use what were known as “vanity publishers.” By knocking out the middleman, self-published authors can effectively control every aspect of the printing process, from book and cover design to the use of photographs and illustrations. They can also connect directly with their readers, maximizing their profitability by keeping more of the money they make instead of paying for vanity printing and distribution.

The ease and low cost of e-publishing has also helped small publishing companies that may have struggled in the past to sustain their niche markets. Marketing and promotion barriers have also been made more cost effective as online reader forums, social media, and bloggers provide effective marketing channels for even the most esoteric material.

Major publishers are also embracing e-publishing because it opens up new distribution channels for them and allows them to take chances on authors and subjects they might not have touched in the past. Today’s e-publishing technology now enables them to reach smaller audiences at a much lower cost.

If you’re an author – or thinking of becoming one – e-publishing just might be the ideal solution for you to test the water or even launch a lucrative career.

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