For the Love of Ghostwriting

This fantasy novel was a collaboration between Billy Wright and Mark Graham Communications.

Ghostwriting is not just a craft; it is an art.
First, you have to be a talented writer.
Second, you have to be a sensational communicator.
Third, you have to be a good businessperson.

Here’s the first thing to love.  If you are a talented writer, you want to write. Ghostwriting can offer this.  No, you’re not writing your own material, per se, but you are engaging in the art and craft of doing what you love. You’re becoming better at what you love because you’re practicing. All writing is practicing.  Every sentence is practicing for the next sentence, making you a better writer.

No, you may not be writing your own thing, but, if you’re working on a novel, you are being challenged to create a storyline, develop characters, and world build. If you’re writing a memoir or biography, you’re jumping into another person’s world and bringing their many stories into a cohesive, readable journey. If you’re writing a business book or self-help book, you’re exploring terrain your own writing very likely will never take you. Very rewarding.

Is ghostwriting tough? It most certainly is.

You’re bringing something to life that is the product of another person’s brainchild. You have to understand that product, access their process, travel a road of their making, all the while enhancing the product, maximizing the process, and paving the road. You may be a novelist writing a business book. Yes, a challenge, but one a talented writer relishes.  You may be screenwriter penning a memoir. Yes, a completely different genre, but one a talented writer can adapt to and thrive in.

When you are bringing to life a client’s idea, the challenge is on you to create a strong and fruitful relationship with that client so you effectively reflect that idea.  Ghostwriting is a partnership, so it’s not for everyone. You have to thrive in that partnership, and very often you have to take the lead in that partnership. You either love that part of the job or you may not want to go there.

It’s not all about you. 

What does that mean?  It means the challenge for the client is to find the right ghostwriter. Someone who sees ghostwriting as a profession.  Someone who likes the idea of doing something they enjoy, something they do well, and, along the way, get paid for it. Sounds romantic. It’s not. It’s work. If you don’t like to work, you won’t love ghostwriting.