Story Power

Soul Tracker is a collaboration between Nicholas Crabtree and Mark Graham Communications.

There is a wonderful saying: “The Power is in the Story.”  How true this is. If you love to read, there is nothing quite like falling into the grasp of a well-crafted novel or biography, a timely short story or expose, a heartfelt poem or play. Story comes in so many captivating forms.  A friend telling a story over dinner; a parent weaving a mystery around the campfire; an elderly man or woman captivating a younger person with tales of their youth.

Listen, learn, love.

We love when a skilled author creates a character so special that we find ourselves fully invested in that character’s outcome.  We love when a storyline is so compelling that it leaves us in tears or holding our stomachs in laughter.  A true story and a work of fantasy serve the same purpose if effectively written: to entertain us; to tap into our emotions; to draw us from one page to the next.

A powerful narrative has a way of capturing the attention and imagination of audiences in a way no other device can. There is excitement, drama, tension, and discovery in stories. Of course, not all stories are meant solely to entertain. Some are written to sway opinion, create support, impart information, and produce understanding.

Everyone has a story.

We’ve all heard this. And the fact is, nothing could be truer. The way you spend your day is a story, filled with thoughts and actions, emotions and decisions.  We all face human drama, conflict, jeopardy. We all experience love and loss, laughter and tears, obstacles and solutions. There is story in each of those elements.  We may not be at ease telling our story, but most of us are at ease immersing ourselves in other’s stories. That’s why we have libraries and bookstores. That’s why we first visited Amazon. That’s why reading is such an essential and vibrant skill.

Consider for a moment the many stories you could tell. Does your family have an interesting history, one worthy of a biography or memoir?  Are you a businessperson with a story to tell about your profession, your abilities, your company, or that invention you’ve been working on in your garage? Are you a teacher or member of the clergy with stories that resonate beyond the classroom and pulpit?

Not a writer, not a problem.

Not every storyteller is a great writer.  That should not stop you. There are ghost writers, editors, and publishers who can help you shape and craft your story for a wide range of topics and audiences – from fiction, to personal stories, to business theory, and more. As we say: The power is in the story. What’s yours?