Your Biography – Your Legacy

#5 Samaritan Court

This moving and powerful biography is a collaboration between Maria Mai-Thuy Swenka and Mark Graham Communications.

With every decision we make, every relationship we create, and every action we take, our individual legacies take shape, influence others, set the tone for our successes and our failures, and clearly express who we are.  Your legacy is worth sharing. Your legacy is the sum total of every meaningful moment in your life, and this legacy is worthy of a book. 

Too many of us view our lives as ordinary and, in many cases, forgettable. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your experiences have meaning. The lessons you have lived and learned can and should reach beyond today.  Family, friends, colleagues, and, very often, a far bigger audience deserves to hear about your triumphs and your failures, your highlights and your lowlights, your good times and your bad.  Your legacy need not be filled with exotic adventures to make it worth sharing. Think of all you’ve learned about people, about the facing and conquering of obstacles, of all your tears, all your laughter, all the tools you’ve collected with experience and the passing of time.

Your biography is your legacy.  It allows you to bring the important and not so important moments to life, to drop the many people interesting in your journey right into the scenes of your past.  Time is the best teacher, but someone who is willing to expression both the ups and downs of their years provides a learning experience to every reader. 

A legacy explores the milestones of your life. It also explores how you reached those milestones. A legacy gives insight into your relationships.  It also gives insight into the beauty of special relationships and the hardships of less than special ones. Now your reader is learning. About you, yes, but also about themselves. A legacy allows a study of your career paths. It also allows a study of the hard knocks and the high times. Again, your reader is learning. About the right way to pursue a career, yes, but also about the pitfalls, the bumps and the bruises, and the pain.

A legacy piece is not just for the people in your world today, but also for future generations. We all want to know where we came from, and a biography is a gift like none other when it comes to painting that wonderful picture.

You may not see yourself as a hero, but sharing both the dark and the light of your life is, in fact, heroic. It’s also tremendously rewarding.  At Mark Graham Communications, we have assisted nearly 200 people in creating their legacy piece, and it is a journey everyone should take. The rewards of holding your biography in hand and knowing your life story has been preserved is indescribable until you’ve done so.