Writing a Novel? Finding the Right Ghostwriter is Critical

Twin Flames is a collaboration between Charles Quinn and Mark Graham Communications

Finding exactly the right ghostwriter or professional editor for your novel is like choosing the right tree for exactly the right spot in your yard.  It’s a critical decision.  Once you commit to a ghostwriter and he or she commits to you, there’s no looking back.

Our years of experience at Mark Graham Communications have shown us several things. The more you have finalized the plot of your story before you commit to writing, the further down the road you will be; the better developed your cast of characters, the more memorable they will be; the more committed you and your ghostwriter are to the voice, tone, and style you decide on, the more you’ll be able to dive in head first without second guessing yourself.

As a ghostwriter, there are four key elements that we want to consider up front.

  • Creating a storyline that fits your audience.
  • Developing characters that your readers find exciting and worth investing their time in.
  • Establishing the right flow, pacing, and emotional appeal.
  • Writing dialogue that fits your characters and sounds authentic.

Finding the right ghost writer for your novel is not only a good creative decision, it is a good business decision. You want someone on your side who knows the business of writing and publishing as well as someone capable of bringing your story to life exactly as you picture it, or better.

At Mark Graham Communications, we encourage you to talk to the best people in the industry.  You want a ghostwriter who has experience.  You want a ghostwriter who has published his or her own books. You want a ghostwriter who has experienced the ups and downs that all first-time novelists go through so they can advise you accordingly. And lastly, you want a ghostwriter who not only has the skills to create a great thriller, mystery, romance, or mainstream literary work, but also someone who shares the passion that you have for your story. This is the key to forming a working relationship that is enjoyable, creative, and interactive.

What about financial consideration?  Hiring a ghostwriter is a commitment.  It is an investment. It is also an investment and commitment to a dream that you have. Finding a balance between the dream and the financial consideration is crucial. Most importantly, you want that investment and that commitment to bear the fruit of a special and meaningful book. One you will be forever proud of.