Write the Business Book You’ve Always Wanted to Write

The Aware Leader – collaboration with Richard Metheny and Mark Graham Communications

If you’re reading this, then you’ve very likely thought about writing a business book. A well-written business book serves a multitude of purposes.  Let’s explore them.

  1. Establishes Your Credibility.

You’re good at what you do. You’ve put time, energy and hard work into your field of expertise. When you talk, people listen. You’ve earned a level of trust because you know what it takes to be successful. Do the world a favor and put that expertise down on paper. Do yourself a favor and enhance your credibility in the eyes of your peers, your industry, and your team.

  1. Builds Your Confidence.

True, you need to have a good amount of confidence to write a book, but when you actually see your ideas, concepts and principles coming to life on the page, you gain a new kind of confidence, as in, “If I can write a book, there’s not much I can’t do.”

  1. Increases Your Education.

Writing is essentially one of the best possible ways to learn. While most people think of writing as a solitary endeavor, a business book evolves with everyone you talk to, every deal you make and every success or failure you experience. That is a very cool thing.

  1. Expands Your Connections.

You’re successful, which means you know people. The minute you start to write a book, this list of people starts to expand. When the book is published, it explodes.

  1. Maximizes Your Marketing.

A book can be a marketing jewel. It turns to spotlight on you and your business, and opens doors you may have never considered before.

  1. Creates a Domino Effect.

Business is all about relationships. When people introduce you as, “The author of …” people take notice. They want that relationship with you.

  1. Provides a Vehicle of Self-Satisfaction.

Writing a book is hard. It takes time and effort, just like your commitment to the gym, your marriage, or your business. There is no better feeling than seeing the results.

  1. Establishes Your Legacy.

When you put your life and business lessons down on paper, you’re cementing your legacy. No one can take that away from you.

  1. Expands Your Reach.

Part of successful living is making a difference in people’s lives. You’ve gained both experience and knowledge, and sharing that is a great gift.

  1. Creates an Opportunity for Profit.

No, you may not make a lot of money from your endeavor; that is not the point, as reasons one through nine suggest. On the other hand, if you don’t write the book you’ve always dreamed of writing, you have no chance of being on a bestseller list.