To Hire a Ghostwriter – That is the Question

This intense and suspenseful read, written by King Hurly and Mark Graham Communications will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover-to-cover.

This suspenseful read was written by King Hurley and Mark Graham Communications.

If you’ve got a book in you that is dying to come out, hiring a ghostwriter may very well be the ideal solution for you. Whether it’s a novel, biography, business book, or self-help book that’s percolating inside you, here are the key points to consider.

  1. Hire a ghostwriter with serious publishing credentials.

You want to hire someone who has written and published book-length material and done so successful.  You really do not want to trust your book to someone just getting started in the writing world. You want someone experienced in the art of writing and savvy about identifying your audience and giving them a readable, enjoyable product.

  1. A ghostwriter will save you time and money.

Yes, a world-class ghostwriter can be expensive, but not when you factor in the time and energy you may be taking away from your commitments elsewhere.  If you hire the right ghostwriter, he or she can help you meet your obligations and get your book done by freeing you from the many time-consuming aspects that all successful writing projects require.

  1. A ghostwriter will motivate you

By partnering with the right ghostwriter, you instantaneously gain the support and encouragement you need to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling on your project.

  1. A ghostwriter will be the ideal sounding board for your ideas

The right ghostwriter is also an effective communicator. The right ghostwriter listens to your ideas, supports your goals, and gives you the kind of direction that moves your project forward. The right ghostwriter gives the kind of feedback that takes your ideas to a new level and has the skills to put them on paper in a way that stimulates and captivates your readers.

  1. A ghostwriter will add polish and professionalism

The right ghostwriter should also be a skilled content editor and developmental editor who can take any written material that you might have and bring it to that special level of presentation that has your reader saying, “This is special.”  A ghostwriter with superb editing skills can add some much-needed zip and polish to your piece and enhance those areas in need of more color, pace, and character.

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I should write a book,” or someone you respect has said, “You should write a book,” exploring the question of hiring a ghostwriter might be just the thing you need to jumpstart your project and get your ideas published.  Just make sure it is the right ghostwriter.