The Art and Science of Ghostwriting

#5 Samaritan Court

This moving and powerful biography is a collaboration between Maria Mai-Thuy Swenka and Mark Graham Communications.

Good, strong, powerful writing is considered an art.  Of course, it is. You know great writing when you read it.  Just like you know poor writing when you read it. It is the writer who can elevate his craft to a place where the flow, tone, pace, and magic of each sentence drives the reader to want to return time and time again to the pages, hoping the prose go on forever.  Okay, that sounds a bit romantic, but you know how it is when you can’t wait to open that special book you’re reading at the end of a long work day. Or when you want to sneak in a few minutes with that special book during the day. It’s a true pleasure.

The art of ghostwriting is really no different. Whether the ghostwriter is tasked with the creation of a novel, biography, business book, or self-help book, the magic of finding the right words to express the client’s message or mystery, philosophy or world view, secret recipe or darkest secret is just as compelling and challenging as the author penning a short story or fantasy novel.

So where does the science come in?  It begins with a complete understanding of what the client wants, and digging deep enough when the client isn’t exactly sure what he or she wants. What is the essence of the biographical journey; it’s not just a series of events taking place, but the fabric of a life and the arc of that journey.  What is the driving force behind a fabulous business book; it’s not just a list of platitudes, but true to life tools that allow the reader to change and grow with each lesson. What is the heart and soul of a great novel; it’s not just the barebones idea that a client brings to the table, but the flowering of the plotline and the blood and guts of characters that keep a reader’s attention.

The truly talented ghostwriter knows that the answer to these questions come from the interactive relationship that he or she builds with a client, the trust that is germane to that relationship, and the skill to take the threads of someone else’s idea and cast it into a living, breathing work of art. Now you’ve done your job and honored your profession.

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