Passion is the key to a great story

Passion is the key to a great storyEvery endeavor worth pursuing begins with passion. Writing is no different. If you are passionate about your story, it translates into all aspects of your writing. Without passion, a story is merely a collection of words, and your reader will know it within a matter of pages.  Passion is what grabs hold of a reader’s imagination and runs with it all the way to the end of the tale. It’s an element that simply cannot be imitated. You either have it or you don’t.

Passion from the author. Every author has a reason for writing, but it has to start with a passion for your story. Some writers are struck by inspiration like a lightning bolt and their stories just come tumbling out. Passion, however, is the thing that maintains this inspiration; without it, the lightning bolt dims and the process comes to a grinding halt. Even when you’re stuck, and all authors get stuck from time to time, it is your passion for what you’re creating that overcomes this obstacle. Bottom line: If you as the writer don’t care about your story, why should anyone else?

Passion from the characters. Characters from the most successful novels become, in many ways, larger than life, immortalized in the hearts of their readers.  The authors of these books have successfully evoked the emotions that fuel their characters’ actions and behavior. The same is true for the best biographies and memoirs. As writer, it is essential to appeal to all five senses in communicating your characters full experience. You want your readers to feel what your characters are feeling and to empathize with everything that is happening to them.  Once you do, they’ll be hooked.

Passion from the reader. There’s nothing quite like getting caught up in a great story. Although the written word is merely ink on paper, it’s also a portal to alternate realities and worlds where anything is possible.  The best books are often described as impossible to put down. That quality is a byproduct of invoking the passion that you have as a writer into the hearts and minds of your readers. Now you’ve sent them to a world they want to revisit again and again. And remember this: passionate readers are more likely to recommend books to their friends, leading to your ultimate success as an author in the long run.

At Mark Graham Communications, we understand the passion you have for your story, whether it is a novel, a biography, a memoir, or even that book of inspiration you’ve always wanted to write, and it is that passion that we tap into as your collaborators.