Using Your Book to Grow Your Business

The Amazing Huff is an intriguing, mysterious book written by C. Herbert Locy with MGC.

When we meet with a prospective ghostwriting client, one of the first questions we ask is, “Why do you want to write this book?” If the client is interested in writing a book based on their business endeavors, the response is at least partially (and often primarily), “To help grow my business.”

This makes sense. A well-written business book can benefit any company and its leaders, bringing in prospective clients and fresh opportunities to get in front of an audience. A book that provides authentic, relevant solutions will have wide appeal that stretches beyond book sales alone.

A recent client, Chris Thibodeaux of the Career Fitness Center had this to say about his business book’s launch: “The event was a huge success. Over 200 people were in attendance, and the book signing portion of the event was great. We sold around 100 copies of Get Your Career in Shape at the event, some people brought books they’d ordered online, and some signed up for my membership-based business. A few people arrived at the event having read the whole book. Some were reading it at the event! We received great feedback on the book, content, flow, and real-world application.”

Writing and publishing a book based on your business can enhance your personal and business profiles in the following ways:

  • Increased credibility. As we discussed last month on the blog, when we talked about thought leadership, people are more likely to work with and purchase products from those they regard as experts in a particular field. A full-length, well-written book can go a long way toward establishing and maintaining that credibility.
  • Increased prominence. When the book is published, your internal marketing team (or outside marketing consultants) can use the book launch as a public relations opportunity. Pitching the “story of the book” to strategically selected media outlets is an opportunity for exposure not just of the book itself, but of you and your business. And, as cited above, you can organize a book launch event to draw in potential readers and customers.
  • Engaged, responsive new leads. Many business books are sold online, generally on Amazon and other book-buying sites. Every reader who finds the book via these outlets turns into a lead for your business. If readers are drawn in by your book’s content, they’re likely to come to you as potential new customers.
  • Speaking engagements. As we’ve discussed on the blog, a book can serve as your “calling card” on the speaker circuit. This, in turn, is a great way to further enhance your credibility, generate additional leads, and expand your business.

What if you have the expertise and business knowledge to write the book, but you don’t have the required time and/or writing skills? This is where a ghostwriter comes in. Professional ghostwriting is a huge asset to anyone who wants to expand their business by writing a book. A seasoned ghostwriter will work with you to develop content that’s appealing, relevant, and thought-provoking. The ghostwriter will organize your content in a clear, engaging manner, developing a full-length book that draws in readers while fully demonstrating your professional expertise.

Ready to get your book out there and grow your business? Please contact us. We’d love to help!