The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself

No risk is too great to prove that love conquers all in this thrilling book, Forgotten Letters, written by Kirk Raeber and Mario Acevedo with Mark Graham Communications.

This time of year, many of us are busy making holiday lists and shopping for loved ones. While you work your way through those tasks, we’d like to encourage you to think about a very special gift for yourself: the gift of a ghostwritten book.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve considered it. Maybe an idea for a book has been floating around in your head for years. Maybe your idea is brand-new, and the very thought of it makes your heart race with excitement. Maybe you’ve begun taking notes or even started a draft of your book, only to find the task more daunting than anticipated.

Whatever your situation, if you’ve looked into having your book ghostwritten, you might have hesitations. These can include uncertainty about how the ghostwriting process works, wondering if it’s the right time for your book, and financial considerations. Especially this time of year, it could feel easier to shelf the idea, with the hope of returning to it at some unknown, future date.

That’s certainly an option, but another choice is to consider moving ahead now. Why? Because hesitancy is normal, but the timing might actually be perfect to get started on your ghostwritten book.

The following are hesitations we commonly hear:

  • Other people are writing similar books. Doesn’t that mean the market is oversaturated with books just like mine? Surprisingly, this is rarely the case. Many readers are faithful to particular genres, and they will actively seek out titles similar to titles they know and love. These “comps” can be a selling point for your book. If you’re seeing books out there that are somewhat like yours, but you have a unique approach to the subject, you might be in the sweet spot for a book with wide audience appeal.
  • I can write the book anytime, because I’ll never forget the experience I want to write about. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. We often hear from clients who wish they’d started their book sooner. This is because time wears away at our memories. Whether it’s your personal memoir, a cherished relative’s life story, or a business book chock-full of anecdotes from your work life, if you capture the information now, while the memories are available and the ideas are fresh, the story will be richer in detail and much more likely to come alive on the page, further engaging and captivating your readers.
  • I can’t afford a ghostwritten book. It’s true that having a book ghostwritten is an investment. Ghostwriting services are all over the map in what they charge, and it’s wise to look into several ghostwriters and/or ghostwriting companies before making a final decision. Keep in mind that not all of them use the same payment structure, and you might find the costs are more reasonable than you’d imagined. One cost-saving measure could be to draft the book yourself, then hire a ghost editor to polish the manuscript. Also remember that for business books, ghostwriting services might be a tax write-off. (It’s imperative that you consult your tax professional for details about your particular situation.)

Still not sure? If you’d like to talk, please contact us. We can help you figure out if the time is right to give yourself a gift you’ll always treasure—your story, on the printed page.