Ghostwriting – Facts and Fictions

Tuah. an inspiring short novel, is a collaboration between Jeyda Bolukbasi and Mark Graham Communications

Fact: You have a book inside you, but time and circumstances have kept you from getting started.

Fact: Hiring a ghostwriter may very well be the best solution for you.

Fact: Hiring a ghostwriter saves you time and provides you with a professional skill that few people have. Which means you are applying their talents to your project while you focus your time on your own expertise. 

Fact: Most people who start a book do not finish it. This is another distinct advantage in hiring the right ghostwriter.

Fact: If you hire the right ghostwriter with the credentials and expertise to match, you will have a finished manuscript that you can be proud of and use however you choose.

Fact: Hiring the right ghostwriter can be expensive. Yes, it can. And yes, you have to balance your investment against the final product: a novel that fulfills a dream, a memoir that does justice to your legacy, a business book that builds your credentials and highlights your proprietary expertise, a self-help book that brings something special to the world.

Fiction: Ghostwriters share the profits from you book. Not if you hired a reputable writing group with impeccable references. You should never give away your rights to anyone, nor the copyright. 

Fiction: Reputable, talented ghostwriters are easy to find.  No, they are not. Which means you have to do your research and make sure you hire the best.

Fiction: You have to manage your ghostwriter like you would an employee. If you find this to be true, you’ve hired the wrong person. The right ghostwriting firm has a professional project manager who is in charge of your project and works with you like a partner.

Fiction: A ghostwriter hands you a finished manuscript and disappears.  Not so. At Mark Graham Communications we have the wherewithal to take your book through the book design phase and all the way to beautifully printed book and ebook.

Fiction: Guarantees don’t exist when it comes to ghostwriting. The hope is that the person or group that you hire has a reputation for creating special books and creating special working relationships.  Don’t settle for anything less.

Fiction: You are not the author.  Of course, you are. It says so right on the cover of your book. It’s your name, not someone else’s.  What is most important is that your ghostwriting collaborator creates a voice, tone, and style that fits you. That is our goal every single time at Mark Graham Communications.