Book Design and Ghostwriting

image of the Aftershock book cover

This motivational book was a collaboration with Kelli Poles and Mark Graham Communications

You may be asking yourself how there can be a connection between ghostwriting and book design.  The truth is, the two are tied together in very obvious ways. Or at least they should be.

With all of our ghostwriting clients, every conversation includes some mention of where the final product will end up.  We don’t just hand over a finished manuscript and say, “Good luck.”  We want the finished manuscript to be published just as badly as our clients do.  There are two ways to go. Indie publishing (or independent publishing; also called self-publishing) and mainstream publishing. We talk about these two vehicles all the way through the process.  Yes, this may seem on the surface to be putting the cart before the horse, but we are planning for the publishing process throughout the writing process, whether the project is a novel, biography, business book, or book of health and inspiration.

In preparation, we introduce a client to our book designer and book design team very early in the process, even as the first draft of the book is coming together.  If a client chooses to independently publish their book and take charge of the publishing process, we want them to be thinking about their book cover – such an important decision – early on and to be aware of the interior layout process. We want to be sharing the different printing and ebook options available to them. Mostly, we want them to know that they are not alone in this process.

Interestingly, we don’t approach the ghostwriting process any differently based upon a client’s decision to pursue mainstream publishing or indie publishing. We want a client’s book to be written with commercial viability in mind and to always have a focus on the book’s intended audience.

A last, but equally important aspect of both the writing and book design process, is marketing.  We tell our ghostwriting clients that they want to start early on thinking about how they can get the word out about their book and what we can do to help.  Having a great book and a beautiful designed book are part of this process, and letting people know you have a great book is an equally viable part of the process.

Ghostwriting a book and book design are not mutually exclusive; they are part of the full book experience. They are different, yet equally enjoyable.  They are similar in that both stimulate your creative side and are part of the legacy that is a finished book.