Ghostwriting – What is it?

This intense and suspenseful read, written by King Hurly and Mark Graham Communications will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover-to-cover.

This intense and suspenseful read, written by King Hurley and Mark Graham Communications will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover-to-cover.

The first thing you need to know is that ghostwriting is, first and foremost, about relationships. If the ghostwriter and his or her client don’t have a special bond that allows for positive interaction throughout the process, the quality of the writing doesn’t mean a thing.

Whether the book in question is a novel, memoir, business book, or self-help book, effective ghostwriting begins with teamwork and the highest level of communication.  The ghostwriter’s first job is to fully understand the book project at hand, from the premise and the subject matter to the best way of gathering the necessary information for the project.  The best ghost writer is  an acclaimed author, skilled interviewer, and, when necessary, researcher extraordinaire.

The writers and editors on our elite team at Mark Graham Communications understand how to present the client’s material at the highest level without letting his or her prejudices get in the way. At the same time, the ghostwriters on our team need to understand the genre of a particular project well enough to develop a presentation both in style and content to best represent that genre.

Once a ghostwriter has gathered the necessary information together to create a special novel, deliver an in-depth and moving biography, capture the essence of a self-help book or the message of a business book, then he or she is charged with creating a voice, tone, and style that fits the client and his or her message.

Once the writing begins, the communication and interaction become even more important. A client needs to know that his or her input is important, and it is the ghost writer’s job to weave in this input in such a way that the book is enhanced. Yes, it is also the job of the ghostwriter to inform his or her client when this input is not helping.

Ghostwriting is not about ego. If a ghostwriter needs to be in charge, the project probably isn’t going to succeed.  At the same time, if the client is not willing to trust the skills and experience of the person he or she has hired, the project is in for a tough road as well.

Ghostwriting is also not about glory.  If there is glory to be had, it will belong to the client, because his or her name is on the book.  The satisfaction for the ghostwriter is creating a memorable product, one you’re excited to share with the next client and the next one after that.