The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Ghostwriter

image of The Race for Good Credit book cover

The Race for Good Credit was written by Trent L. Pettus and Mark Graham Communications.


The Pros are easy.  You save time hiring the right ghostwriter. But you save more than time. You get to spend your time on doing what your do best, while your ghostwriter does what he or she does best; this is assuming you’ve hired the right person with the right stuff. More on that later.

The Cons are easy. You pay for the time. If you’re not willing and able to pay for the time – and we’re talking about hundreds of hours – don’t go there. At Mark Graham Communications, we are upfront about the logistics of a project at the beginning so we can focus our attention on creating a special book moving forward.


The Pros are complicated. The bottom line is that you may have writing skills or you may not, but learning to write a book takes time and dedication, and you probably have many other important matters on your plate.  That said, you want to be absolutely certain that you are working with a writer or team of writers that have publishing credentials that include book length material and not just a blog post or two.

The Cons are not as complicated: You can either write a good book or you can’t. If you’re hiring a ghostwriter, do your due diligence. Read what they’ve written. Talk to previous clients. Make sure they have the people skills to build a strong relationship. Why? Because if the process isn’t enjoyable, the product will suffer.


The Pros are straightforward. For every 100 books that people start, maybe one gets done. Most of those are average. You want your book to be completed, and you want your book to be a heck of a lot better than average.

The Cons are tricky. Very good ghostwriters may be expensive, but the very good ones start a project and finish it. It’s the average ghostwriters you have to worry about. There are those who will take your money and find a hundred reasons why they can’t seem to get your book to the finish line. Don’t let this happen.  See our earlier comment about doing your due diligence.

Knowing What You Know:

The Pros are obvious.  The very good ghostwriters will help you fill in the gaps of your knowledge about whatever subject you are writing about. At Mark Graham Communications, it’s part of the job of writing a special book.  This goes back to picking the right collaborator.

The Cons are just as obvious. If the person you pick as your ghostwriter is not willing to immerse themselves in the material, they cannot be a source for bringing your book to its highest level of presentation. Lazy or uninspired are two traits that will kill your book project from the get-go.

Bottom line: Trust your instincts and do your research when hiring someone for something as precious and important as your book project.