The Questions Every Great Ghostwriter Asks

This wonderful self-help book on teaching horsemanship to children with autism is a collaboration between Nacon Wilde and Mark Graham Communications.

This wonderful self-help book on teaching horsemanship to children with autism is a collaboration between Niki Wilde and Mark Graham Communications.

Whether you are hiring a Ghostwriter to assist you in writing a novel, biography, business book, or self-help book, the ones who really know what they are doing will ask a number of very important questions. If they don’t ask them, then they are probably only in it for the money, and if that is the case, keep looking.

At Mark Graham Communications, our first question is always, why? Why do you want to write this novel or biography? Why is it important to share your business acumen or your self-help message? If there is passion in your answer, we always hear it, and we always tap into that passion. If you’re only writing your book hoping for a big payday, we hear that too and understand that the key element in creating a special book is missing.

Our next question is about your audience. Who are you trying to reach?  Who are you trying to entertain or instruct?  Your answer affects everything moving forward.  We tailor the voice, tone, and style specifically to that audience. We find out what about your story or your message, your life lessons or business lessons appeal to that audience. We consider ways to broaden your audience without diluting the core message you’re delivering.

We, then, ask about structure and format.  If you are writing a business book, how can we tailor the format to best capture the attention of your audience? If you’re writing a biography, how do we effectively blend the voice we have chosen with the proper structure that drives all well-written biographies or memoirs?  If your goal is a self-help book, health book, or book of inspiration, the format is just as important as the material, because the format can take the reader through the material and deliver key points and important takeaways.

No, it is not likely that you will know all the answers to the questions a great ghostwriter should and will ask you, but the process of extracting those answers and exploring where they can and will take your book is absolutely vital. Now you’ve created a strong partnership. With a group like Mark Graham Communications, you now have an advocate for the book you really want to write.