What to look for in a ghostwriter: talent vs. experience

What to look for in a ghostwriter: talent vs. experience

It’s easy to understand how someone can hold their writing projects and ideas near and dear to their hearts. Letting a professional ghostwriter get involved is a big step. How can you be certain you’ve chosen the right ghostwriter to help you accomplish your goals? Two valuable traits of a ghostwriter are talent and experience, but what if you have to choose? Investing your time and money is important, so a decision like this shouldn’t be made lightly, especially when the success of your writing project may be dependent on the help that you choose.

A talented writer can be a tempting choice, but relying on talent alone is a risky strategy.  A writer whose talent is focused in one area of literature, no matter how much talent is there, might not have as much talent in another genre. If you’re choosing a ghostwriter based on talent alone, be sure that their talent is relevant to your project or you may find the results of your ghostwriter’s work seriously lacking.

On the other hand, an experienced ghostwriter may have lots of experience, but that doesn’t mean the experience has been good. Experience without talent can make for some incredibly dull writing, and if you’re depending on your project to attract attention and gain success, you’re not going to want to spend money on a mediocre piece of work.

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Taking the time to ask for samples from your prospective ghostwriter, specifically in your project’s genre, can be a wise investment of time. If they don’t want to supply samples, this is a red flag; you’ve got to ask why not. If the reason is that they just don’t have experience in your genre, then at least you know that up front, and you can factor that into your partnership.

A ghostwriter with a combination of talent and experience is ideal, but not always available locally. Mark Graham Communications, although based in Denver, Colorado, has provided ghostwriting services for all kinds of writing projects all throughout the nation, including both print and ebook services. Don’t let your location rob you of your dreams. Call us today to discuss how we can help you!