Memoir Writing Service in Orlando, FL

Memoir Writing Service in Orlando, FL

This wonderful memoir is a collaboration between Glenn Harrington, Faith Marcovecchio, and Mark Graham Communications.

At Mark Graham Communications, we have collaborated with aspiring writers of every genre, from self-help and business books to biographies and memoirs, in Orlando, FL and the surrounding area.

What is a memoir? As may have guess based on its similarity to the word “memory”, a memoir is an autobiographical collection of memories from an individual’s lifetime. Incredible things can happen to anyone, and working with a Orlando, FL memoir writing service is a great way to tell your story without worrying about linguistic details or how to get published.

Memoirs are also known to wax poetic, with the intent of invoking more emotional responses from the reader. Instead of informing the reader matter-of-factly, “John was born in a hospital, went to school, got a job and had a family before dying at age 80”, memoirs generally feature crafted scenes full of descriptors and imagery that invokes multiple senses. These scenes build upon each other much like a typical work of fiction.

If you are looking for a memoir writing service in Orlando, FL, Mark Graham Communications has the experience to bring your story to life in the most expressive way possible. Our goal is to bring the reader into the heart and soul of your story. We want them to be a part of every scene. We want them to hear every conversation and experience every emotion.

If you have any questions about working with Mark Graham Communications for memoir writing services in Orlando, FL, please contact us today.