Writing your Novel with a Ghostwriter

Writing a Novel with a Ghostwriter

Inspired by real life events, this fascinating novel is a collaboration between Gretchen Wiegand, Anna McDermott and Mark Graham Communications.

When you are ready to write the novel that you have long dream about, working with a skilled ghostwriter can make all the difference in the world.  Writing your Novel with a Ghostwriter can spell the difference between a well-crafted story and one that may not do your idea justice.  At Mark Graham Communications, our team of critically acclaimed writers can help you flesh out your storyline, develop memorable characters, and create a plot that will keep your readers attention until the very last page.

At Mark Graham Communications, we understand that Writing a Novel with a Ghostwriter is as much about the relationship we create with you as the author as it is putting words on the page. The more interactive the writing process is, the better your novel will develop and the more powerful the story will be.

At Mark Graham Communications, we have worked with individuals on three continents bringing their stories to life.  Writing a Novel with a Ghostwriter is a collaboration the melds your story and your characters together with our writing and editing expertise. Our goal is to create a voice, tone, and style that fits you as an author, takes your idea to the highest level of presentation, and results in a book that is ready for publication when the last page is written.

Besides ghostwriting, Mark Graham Communications also offers the following services:

  • Copyediting
  • Cover Design
  • Copyright and ISBN
  • Book Formatting
  • Uploading
  • Sales Monitoring
  • Royalty Dispersing
  • Marketing Opportunities

If you have a finished or partially finished manuscript that requires a certain degree of content editing or minor ghostwriting, we can help.  At Mark Graham Communications, we have polished and enhanced many manuscripts while honoring the work that you have already created.

Writing a Novel with a Ghostwriter begins with a confidential conversation that allows you to share your ideas comfortably and openly.  It is a conversation that can be the start of something very special. Why wait? If you’ve been thinking about writing that special novel, we look forward to helping you bring it to life.

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