Searching for a Ghostwriter

If you are Searching for a Ghostwriter to help with your novel, biography, memoir, business book, or self-help book, our team at Mark Graham Communications has more than 200 years of writing and editing experience. We have collaborated on more than 500 books with clients worldwide. 

As a ghostwriter we can will help:

  • Eliminate confusion-Our job is to make the process as enjoyable and creative as possible for our clients. 
  • Establish a connection– our team at Mark Graham Communications understands the importance of creating a trusting, interactive relationship with our clients
  • Maintain Professionalism:-You want a team of professionals who are as passionate about your project as you. You want a ghost writer or editor who is highly published, and our team at Mark Graham Communications has written dozens of critically acclaimed books. 

As you are Searching for a Ghostwriter, we recognize the other part of our job is to bring your book to life in such a way that it represents you and your story or message in the best possible light. 

We understand how important it is to find a voice, tone, and style that fit you and your message.  If there is research to be done, you want a writing partner who understands what you are looking for and how best to use the information. 

Searching for a Ghostwriter means gaining a partner that has the skill and ability to turn your bright ideas into professional, well-written books. At Mark Graham Communications, we can help you take a simple plot idea and create a novel of suspense, a thriller or mystery, a romance, young adult novel, or a mainstream book that effectively targets the audience of your choice.  We can take your life story and create a biography or memoir as compelling and readable as the best fiction. No matter what your walk of life, we can develop, write, and edit business books, self-help books, and how-to books on everything from good health to good communications.

If you are Searching for a Ghostwriter, we look forward to discussing your ideas and the collaborative steps involved in turning an idea into a full-length book.  We’d love to hear from you today.

If you’d like to know more about our ghostwriting and editing services, please visit us online at, give us a call at 303-777-4155, or drop us an email.   Thank you.

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