Ghostwriting a Biography or Memoir

Ghostwriting a Biography or Memoir

Two Lives in One – collaboration with Glenn Harrington & Faith Marcovecchio and Mark Graham Communications

Ghostwriting a Biography or Memoir is one of the most meaningful endeavors you will ever undertake.  Choosing the right ghostwriter is the most important decision you will make before starting the process.  At Mark Graham Communications, we know that your biography or memoir is far more than simply telling your life’s story. It is a great way to pass down your life’s experiences to your children, grandchildren, and their children’s children. The book represents your legacy.

When you are considering Ghostwriting a Biography or Memoir, not just any ghostwriter will do.  You want a collaborator with years of experience, a writer with a true sense of the interview and writing processes, and someone who shares your passion.  You want a writer who can develop exactly the right voice, tone, and style to fit you and your story.  At Mark Graham Communications, our very select team of writers and editors has countless years of experience and a desire to create a special working relationship with you.

Ghostwriting a Biography or Memoir services is more than good writing; it is a process of storytelling, of bringing you and the other people in your story to life.  Our goal is to transport your readers into the very scenes from you story.  Our goal is to stimulate all five senses, to paint a living picture of trials and tribulations, victories and triumphs, and sorrow and joy.  If your readers can’t feel it, we haven’t done our job.

Besides ghostwriting, Mark Graham Communications also offers the following services:

  • Copyediting
  • Cover Design
  • Copyright and ISBN
  • Book Formatting
  • Uploading
  • Sales Monitoring
  • Royalty Dispersing
  • Marketing Opportunities

Ghostwriting a Biography or Memoir services is so personal. At Mark Graham Communications, we respect this. Our goal is an interactive and interpersonal relationship that shares a mutual goal: creating a biography or memoir that is both memorable and beautifully written.  Why wait any longer? It’s time to tell your story!

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