Ghost Writing a Novel

Ghost Writing a NovelWhen you are looking for help in Ghost Writing a Novel, we understand the many questions that you have to consider. Finding exactly the right ghostwriter or professional editor is one of the most important decisions you can make in your quest to write that special novel.  At Mark Graham Communications are team of critically acclaimed writers and editors can help finalize the plot of your story, develop cast of memorable characters, and create a voice that fits your as the author.

When you are Ghost Writing a Novel, you want to team with a writer who has written and published his or her own books and someone who has received a certain about of critical acclaim. This speaks to the writer’s skills in creating a great story or delivering a strong message.  There are a number of key elements that you want to consider when Ghost Writing a Novel . The elite team of writers and editors on Mark Graham Communications focus on:

  • Creating a storyline that fits your audience
  • Developing characters that your audience is excited to read about
  • Making certain that the story has exactly the right flow and pacing
  • Writing dialogue that fits your characters and sound authentic.

Ghostwriting novel services is about teamwork.  It is about sharing the passion that you have for your story. It is about creating a working relationship with that is enjoyable, creative, and interactive. At Mark Graham Communications, we have worked with clients all over the country on the novels, and when you are writing a novel, that experience is priceless.

Besides ghostwriting, Mark Graham Communications also offers the following services:

  • Copyediting
  • Cover Design
  • Copyright and ISBN
  • Book Formatting
  • Uploading
  • Sales Monitoring
  • Royalty Dispersing
  • Marketing Opportunities

Another thing to consider when you are choosing a partner for a ghostwriter is whether or not that partner can assist in the publishing process once your book is done.  At Mark Graham Communications, our team can assist you throughout this very important process, from designing your book cover and designing the interior of your print book to publishing your e-book and assisting with online book marketing.

If you’d like more information on Ghost Writing a Novel, we’d be happy to help you at Mark Graham Communications.

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