Telling My Story

telling my story“Telling my story” is the goal of many successful business professionals, athletes, entrepreneurs, and innovators who want to share their secrets for success. If you have an idea for a self-help book, the next great American novel, or a how-to tome, hiring a ghostwriter from Mark Graham Communications may be the best decision you make in your strategy to get published.

Telling my story is what Mark Graham Communications does best, helping people just like you turn their writing project into a real book, including content for:

  • Novels From genres as diverse as mystery, intrigue, romance, comedy, or mainstream, we understand the process necessary to create a powerful storyline, memorable characters, and an unforgettable reading experience.
  • Biographies and Memoirs We have aided people of all ages create and develop their personal biography or memoir. We understand how important it is to “show” your story rather than simply “tell” it.
  • Business and Self-Help Books Whether it’s helping a budding entrepreneur turn their dream into a successful business or guiding someone on the path to enlightenment, our team will convey your message in a readable, entertaining way.
  • Screenwriting If your goal is to write a feature film screenplay, we’ll help you follow industry guidelines while creating a script that stands out from the crowd.

Assisting individuals in the process of “telling my story” for Denver, CO is something we’ve been successfully doing for over thirty years. In fact Mark Graham Communications writers and editors have written and edited more than 500 books in that time.

Hiring a ghostwriter is a good idea for anyone in Denver, CO interested in telling my story – and not just because that person may not have writing talent. Hiring a ghostwriter might be the ideal solution for you if you’ve thought about writing a book, article, or blog and don’t quite know where to start and don’t want to waste time and money trying to do it on your own.

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