A Conversation with Bestselling Author Todd Saylor

Wired Differently Cover Image

Wired Differently is a collaboration between Todd Saylor and Mark Graham Communications.

What’s it like to write a bestselling book using a ghostwriter? To answer that question, we turned to Mark Graham Communications client Todd Saylor. Todd is the author of the Wired Differently series: Wired Differently: Leveraging Your Favors on Fulcrum Principles (2018); DriftAgain: 8 Traits of Supremely Purposeful People (2021); and Your Will Be Done: How To Become Wired Differently (2023). For all three books, Todd worked with the same Mark Graham Communications ghostwriter.

Mark Graham Communications (MGC): Please tell us about your business model, Wired Differently, and about what you do.
Todd Saylor (TS): Wired Differently is a mindset, mission, movement, and ministry. I’m a Christian-mindset business coach, speaker, and author. In my Wired Differently role, I coach clients and hold workshops to elevate spiritual, personal, and profitable growth.

MGC: How did you get into that line of work?
TS: I’ve been successful in most everything I’ve done, so I decided to write about it, in hopes of sharing my model with the wider world. That evolved into my becoming an author, speaker, and Kingdom-inspired business coach. My first book was published in 2018, and I’ve been coaching since 2022.

MGC: What made you decide to work with Mark Graham Communications?
TS: Soon after I began writing my first book, I realized I wasn’t skilled at organizing my thoughts in book form. I Googled “help me write a book” and found MGC. I liked what then-owner Mark Graham proposed, and we began working together. With my first MGC ghostwriter, the ghostwriter-author relationship wasn’t vibing for me. Rather than give up, I asked Mark if there was another writer I could work with. He introduced me to a different ghostwriter, Mario who ended up being a great fit. Initially, what he wrote felt too “Godly,” but when I met with Mark and Mario face-to-face, there was a breakthrough. The process was constructively painful and educational after that face-to-face meeting, but it was worthwhile. By the time Book One was drafted, my ghostwriter was inside my head. Mario never got impatient with rewrites. He helped shape my thoughts and the book’s flow, but I was always the director of the story. Mario was brilliant.

MGC: You’ve since written two more books with MGC, both times with that same ghostwriter. How was the process the same and/or different in these subsequent books?
TS: The process became easier each time. For Book Three in the series, Your Will Be Done, I wanted to lift up God in the title, but my pastors and motivational teachers didn’t want to cross mindset with Christianity. The process nearly broke me emotionally, but in the end, I feel the book has a powerful message about how to grow and become a better person.

MGC: Tell us about marketing your books. How do you get the word out and find new readers?
TS: I use three marketing segments: 1) in-person appearances; 2) social media such as Facebook and Instagram; and 3) my website, Google ads, podcasts, and click funnels. I also coach one-on-one and in group settings, including my Tikki Hut Retreats. To date, I’ve sold more than 15,000 books, which is great for my own spirituality and growth.

MGC: Anything else you’d like to add?
TS: MGC changed ownership between my first and second books, but under Christopher Short’s leadership, the process for Books Two and Three was straightforward, attainable, and successful. But the war is when I’m sitting still! I’m a man of action, and authorship is work for me—as it is for most people who attempt writing a book. If I had a nickel for every time someone told me, “I’m writing a book,” I’d be wealthy. Most people never finish the books they start. If you don’t have the discipline and organization to write your book, then get help. I’m grateful for the help the MGC team provided.

Thanks, Todd, and congratulations on your success! If you find Todd’s story inspiring and you’d like to talk with us about your book idea, please get in touch.