Writing a Novel is like Planting a Tree

This fascinating book on the topic of wisdom was written by Gabrielle V. Taylor and Mark Graham CommunicationsWhen you are looking for help in Writing a Novel, there are many questions to consider. Finding exactly the right ghostwriter or professional editor is like choosing the right tree for exactly the right spot in your yard.  It’s a critical decision.  Before you truly commit to your book, the more you have finalized the plot of your story, the further down the road you will be. The better developed your cast of characters, the more memorable they will be.  The more committed you are to the voice, tone, and style you decide on, the more you’ll be able to dive in head first without second guessing yourself.

There are a number of key elements that you want to consider when Writing a Novel.  They can be broken down in these four key points:

  • Creating a storyline that fits your audience
  • Developing characters that your audience is excited to read about
  • Making certain that the story has exactly the right flow and pacing
  • Writing dialogue that fits your characters and sound authentic.


Recently, there are many novels being written in tandem with a ghost writer, including many best-selling novels.   If you chose to explore this route, don’t be shy.  Talk to the best people in the industry. You want someone who not only has the skills, but also someone who  shares the passion that you have for your story. It is about creating a working relationship with that is enjoyable, creative, and interactive.

When you plant a tree, it needs to be nurtured. It needs to be watered and trimmed and given plenty of love.  Not unlike your novel. What’s most important is putting the tree in the ground. What’s most important in diving into the writing of your novel is that first page. Write it.  Then write another.  Nurture it, but keep looking forward.  Pretty soon you have a full-grown tree and a thing of beauty.