Ghost Writing and Editing Services

Whether you are writing a novel, hiring a biographer, or planning a business book, our professional writing and editing services are backed by more than twenty years of experience. I have been successfully collaborating with individuals across the country on fiction and non-fiction projects since 1989. I have written Novels, Biographies, Self-Help Books, Business Books, and Screenplays.

Whether you are in need of ghost writing or full service editing, you can count on us to help you with any or all aspects of your project. Our goal is to help you produce a written piece that is professional, creative, and commercially viable.

FICTION. From full-length Novels in the mystery, intrigue, or mainstream genre to Novellas, Short Stories, and Children’s Books, we understand the collaborative process necessary to create a powerful storyline and memorable characters.

BIOGRAPHIES. We have aided people of all ages in the creation and development of their Personal Biography or Autobiography.  We understand how important a trusting, personal relationship between the writer and the author is in bringing your story to life.

MEMOIRS. A Memoir is just as personal as a biography and requires the same attention to detail. At Mark Graham Communications, we understand how important it is to “show” the reader your story rather than simply “tell” it.

NON-FICTION. For more information, please visit Business Books and Self-Help Books. We specialize in non-fiction book proposals, as well.

SCREENWRITING. If your goal is writing a feature film screenplay, we also have offices in Florida and California. For more information, please visit Screenwriting.