Put Your Big, New Idea into a Business Book

Wow Moments

This engaging how-to business book on customer interaction is a collaboration between Mark Kent and Mark Graham Communications

If you are a successful businesswoman or businessman, it’s because you think big. It’s because you think it terms of innovation. It’s because you have carved out a niche that sets you apart from your competition and your peers.

It is that kind of thinking that makes you the perfect candidate for writing a business book, a business book featuring the big, new idea that has become your trademark. There are plenty of books out there about sales and marketing, leadership and management, even motivation and purpose. Yes, these are all important components in running a successful business. But, much like the product or service that you sell and the way that you sell it, your perspective on successful leadership or marketing 101 or whatever subject you are most passionate about is what sets you apart. That is what you are selling in the business book that you will write.

It is your job as a successful business person and would-be author to have the idea. It is your job to know the idea inside and out. It is the job of our elite team of writers and editors at Mark Graham Communication to make sure the idea is BIG and NEW. It is our job to make sure the reader is captivated by the idea and motivated to act upon your message.

You’re good at what you do. You’ve put time, energy, and hard work into your field of expertise, so that when you talk, people listen. You’ve earned a level of trust because you know what it takes to be successful. But a business book should do more than just showcase your expertise. Successful business books break ground on an idea or concept that showcases your unique perspective on and highlights a school of thought that is unique to you.

What is your big, new idea? What sets you apart from the middle of the road business person? It is that idea and that mindset that will produce a business book that people will seek out, and when people seek out the book that you have written, the door opens wide on opportunities that only a successful book can provide.